All of our photo sessions are designed to be personalized and memorable.  I want to choose a location that speaks to you and your family and provides images that inspire stories, laughs, and the occasional happy tear! Below are a few of my favorite locations to help guide you as we choose the perfect location for your family!

Midlothian Mines Park

Midlothain Mines is a beautiful park, located just off  Route 288. It offers diverse scenery, beautiful in all seasons, including trails through the woods, a grand lake,  wooden bridges, beautiful stone work, and a small field of tall grass.


Belle Isle

This very famous Richmond location is a beautiful spot on the river, complete with city views. Although spring and summer months tend to be very busy, early morning or off seasons sessions are very relaxing and beautiful.



City Point Park

Nestled in old town Hopewell, City Point Park offers a great view of the river with a beautiful sandy shore. This location also hides great spots nestled along the plantation grounds. 


Fresh Branch Farm

Among one of my favorite spots for its year round diversity, Fresh Branch Farm is a private farm located off of Woodpecker Road near Pocohantas State Park. Along with the beautiful fields and ever-changing vegetation, this working farm has cows and chickens for the littles to oogle over between poses and keeping their attention takes little effort with animals running about. As an added bonus you can purchase seasonal fruits and vegetables to take home with you after your session! Photos and dinner all in one stop, how can you say no?!


Secret Spots

If you're looking for something a little different, I do have a few secret spots up my sleeve. These spots are available periodically and some require an adventurous spirit. But if you're willing to come play, I promise they will not disappoint.


Your Home

Another of my favorite places to shoot is your home! What better way to capture memories of you and your family as you are than in your own home? In home sessions offer comfort and security for small children, and a change to capture your family as it truly is, leaving beautiful images for your children to show their grandchildren of how they grew up.