Story Telling Sessions

“It didn’t matter how big our house was; it mattered that there was love in it.”

–Peter Buffett

Since launching my story telling sessions, I have received many questions.

What is a story telling session?

What if my home isn’t magazine worthy?

We’re so awkward, how will you get any good images?

Do I have to clean?

I wanted to take a moment to answer a few of these and show you around a StoryTelling session!! These sessions are some of my absolute favorite! Don’t get me wrong, I still love playing with you all outside, but these sessions offer a rare moment of personality and intimacy that just cannot be achieved at the most beautiful park.

But first, let me introduce you to the 2 sisters in today’s blog session, Erin and Megan. I love capturing memories for their family! And we have such a history together. Between them they now have 4 beautiful children, and 2 handsome husbands. I’ve had the pleasure of photographing both of their weddings. Two of the most fun and perfect weddings I have ever attended. They’re so down to earth and up for anything! And how adorable are all these little ones?! Seriously! Okay, now back to your questions.


Okay for the important questions: These sessions are designed to be fun, laid back, relaxed and totally you!! Your home is beautiful because it houses your love and memories! Your mess is manageable okay I’ll admit I’ve moved a thing here or there, but I have 3 kids of my own, it’s not from judgement, it’s because I don’t like using photoshop! *wink* And if your house has any windows at all, it is the PERFECT HOUSE for a StoryTelling session! Promise! I bet you would never guess every image from this blog was taken in a mid row town home.


Have I been known to move some furniture around? You bet! But I also promise to put it back! It’s my job to find the best light, the best angles, the best colors and backgrounds. Your job, you ask? To have fun! To play, to be yourselves, to take it a moment at a time and breath in your loved ones! To make memories and let me capture them! Even when the littlest of models just need a moment to regroup.


And I promise, in the end, you will have a gallery full of smiles, and chuckles, eye rolls, and all the expressions that come with your everyday life!


Okay … a few more, because who can resist this super cute family!!