The First Post!

It's here!! Our first blog post! Super exciting. I have to say it was a struggle to decide which of my beautiful families to blog first ... so I went with the most recent. But first ... a little about me!

Hello, my name is Jess, of Jess Koller Photography, I know it's very hard to put those together. *wink* I am based out of Chesterfield but serve the entire Metro Richmond Area and surrounding areas. My passion is family photography! Nothing brightens my day more than to capture the perfect smile on a child, the interactions of a parent, and the day to day that makes your life unique! But that being said, I love LOVE love capturing all of your moments that make your life ... yours. Engagements, birthdays, anniversaries, just because or for something to fill the walls!

Okay enough about me ... here's what you all came for!

All of my families are special and amazing but it always make me gitty when they're willing to be a bit adventurous! And boy were these guys troopers! We made our way to Belle Isle, Richmond, Virginia, for some fun on the river and few games of catch.

First on the agenda was a family photo for the wall ... And while we got a few great ones ... I'm sure you can guess which one of the siblings is my favorite below.  

We all know kids of all ages are only good for a few minutes of family photos, so I like to incorporate some play time. It helps relax everyone, grab a few great candid shots, and burn of some energy so they'll sit still for one more round of group photos. So, next up was a friendly game of catch ... well ... mostly friendly. We like to call this first one "butt shot".

And of course we had to get some head shots for mom. 

But my favorite part of the entire session was the whole gang throwing rocks down my the tracks. It was honest, wholesome fun, a great and loving family spending time together with no electronics. These are always my favorite moments ... simple and pure.

And there it is ... blog post numero uno. I look forward to many more with you! 

This adventure has been a wild one but I wouldn't change it for the anything. Chasing the young ones or reminding my couples that the photos are intended to be seen by grandma, I love every moment with each of you! And without you, none of this would be possible!