At Home

Some of my most favorite sessions are home sessions. A time when families are themselves, fun, laid back. It is the best time to capture true memories that will last a lifetime, memories of how Mom and Dad were for the kids as they grow older and move away, and memories of how your littles ones are ... you know for when they grow old and move away. We play, we run, we find a few areas of hidden beauty to capture a fireplace worthy family portriat, but mostly we have fun! And that is just what this family did!

We started in the place most familair and safe for the littles ones, their bedrooms. And I love this little cove full of light!

And who doesn't love a tea party with your big sister?!

Then we headed outside for a mix of formal ... 

And fun ... and then some more fun!

And some more fun! 

The true love that this family shares is in every image! Every smile, every embrace, every laugh and sly look. They have so much fun together and I am so honored I was asked to capture these amazing little personalities and this family's love! Oh wait ... and a great family portrait!

Even if the littles were enthralled with the camera. *smile*