Love Birds

Love isn't something you find. Love is something that finds you.     

Loretta Young

After seeing the first smoke bomb session ... two of my favorite people decided they needed in on the beauty! And how can I turn that down? *wink* These two have been married for X years, and clearly deserved some images to celebrate their continued love and life together. Truth be told, we did a session recently at the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts, but more on that at a later date!

Look as these two!! Such a sweet couple! I mean ... #relationshipgoals! Am I right? We had such a fun time playing near the creek, moving logs, and of course setting of smoke bombs with help of a lovely assistant! 

She even braved the bugs to sit on the ground for me! With her brave husband by her side!

Of course I have to throw in my favorites, the black and whites!! Thanks again for coming out to play with me, such a beautiful couple in a beautiful location! Makes my heart full! Love you two!