"It was like, in that moment, the whole Universe existed to bring us together."

Sarah and Greg's love story is one for the fairy tails. A chance meeting in a far away city neither of them lived it, long distance love that grew to be uncontained and settled in Richmond, Va, and a Mother's Day engagement the best gift they could each of imagined. 

When she asked if I would document this new chapter in their love story, I was thrilled! And when they were willing to be adventurous and throw some smoke granades into the session, it was over the moon, and knew the perfect spot! After a few warm up photos (one of which has become her favorite and must remain a secret for now. *wink*), we started with the blue. A huge thanks to my amazing husband who did a fantastic job as "smoke dispersment specialist"! 

The true love these two display is heartwarming! With every image you could tell they were happy to be starting the rest of their lives! This being the very first time I had used the bombs I was afraid for them to move because I didn't know how long the smoke would last ... can you tell?! 

Next came purple, and a little more relaxation. 

Seriuosly! How cute are these two?! The camera loved them! And then white. 

But I think my favorite images happened when the smoke disperssed leaving the scene with a morning fog feel. Such a romantic, fairytale look to match the fairytail love these two share! 

Let's not forget how hard it was for me to not turn every single image black and white! I'm a sucker for monotone, it highlights the emotion so well, makes their love shine center stage!

A special thanks to Vivi Rose Boutique ( for supplying this beautiful flower crown! 

Congradulations you two! The world is yours! Shower it with the love and care you show for each other! Cheers to many many many years of continued happiness! And thank you for allowing me a glimpse into your lives, and asking me to capture these amazing moments for you!