New Baby Girl

Children don’t change our lives, they give us a whole new one.


I’m so excited to share baby L’s session! She is the most precious little girl, and her big brother is so caring and sweet! *Insert heart eyes here!* I typically try to start with family images, everyone pilled all together, to break the ice a bit. It allows the children a chance to get to know me with the comfort of their parents, and the parents are distracted by the little ones. I don’t have any expectations about these images, but my goodness did this family deliver!

These two cuddle bugs!! I cannot get enough! He was so happy to hold her, such a big boy moment!

And then he was done. Little ones have the attention spans of squirrels sometimes. So we gave him a break to go play while we played with his sister for a bit! She had such a beautiful pink nursery, and just just loved stretching out in her beautiful crib!


Someone even snuck back in to see what we were up to!


Between his toy breaks that is!


I mean, who can resist those toes in a pile of happy! And the smile on dad’s face! Nothing better than these everyday moments! Well, except maybe some tiny newborn details!


After doing a few more around the nursery we moved into our final room, the room I saved for last because it had the harshest light and I wanted the sun to rise a bit and disperse the light a bit more evenly. This wall, y’all! I am in love with the color. Rumor has it this little ladies great grandmother would not be so thrilled. But how could I resist all this!!


Thank you so much for letting me have a peek into your beautiful family and everyday life! You both are amazing parents and the love and happiness I see in your children is proof! I cannot wait to see you all grow and explore life! These storytelling sessions are truly my favorite. I know I’ve said that before, but it still stands so true! Thank you again for allowing me to capture these memories for you!

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